Tuition Fees

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Tuition Fees

​​​​2022-2023 Tuition Fee​

For Associate and Undergraduate programs; A payment plan will be created with 15% advance payment and the rest in 8 equal installments.

For Graduate programs; A payment plan will be ​created with 10% advance payment and the remainder in 12 equal installments.

Payment and Installment via Bank Channel

Students who want to pay the 2022 - 2023​ Academic Year tuition fees of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs in installments; They can make their payments through Vakıfbank and Denizbank installment system.

Payment and Installment with Credit Cards​​

You can pay the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year entire tuition fee or the down payment part of it with all your credit cards from our university's counters.

Installment payments to be made by credit card can be made with the following cards:

  • 8 Installments with Ziraat Bank Bankkart Combo credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with QNB Finansbank Cardfinans credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with İş Bankası Maximum credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with HSBC Advantage credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with Garanti Bank ve Denizbank Bonus credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with Akbank Axess credit card (*Virtual POS)
  • 8 Installments with Yapı Kredi ve Vakıfbank World credit card (Physical POS)
  • 8 Installments with Halkbank Paraf credit card (Physical POS)

- The credit card or cards to be processed must have a usable limit equal to the tuition​ fee.

* ​Credit cards to be processed with the Virtual POS must be open to internet shopping.

​Matters to be Considered in Payment Transactions

  • In installment transactions, there will be no promissory note or hand installment application.
  • Installment transactions are made through the payment systems of the banks we have a contract with or by credit card.
  • Please do not use ATMs in order to avoid any disruptions in your transactions.
  • For transactions to be made through EFT, "Halic University" must be written as the Recipient's Name.
  • Please write the Student’s Name, Surname, TR Identity Number in all your payment transactions.
  • A 5% discount is applied for cash payments.
  • You can also benefit from the cash discount for payments made by a credit card as a single withdrawal.
  • If the tuition fee is paid in full in cash or by credit card, there is no need for parents to come.

T.C. Haliç University Bank Information


Account Name: Haliç Üniversitesi
IBAN: TR93 0013 4000 0026 5447 3000 85
Description: Student Name-Surname, T.C. Identity Number


Account Name: Haliç Üniversitesi
IBAN: TR41 0001 5001 5800 7309 0338 85
Description: Student Name-Surname, T.C. Idenitity Number

Income Documents Requested by Denizbank for OTS (School Collection System)

  • Identity C​ard of the person making the transaction.

Income Documents Requested by Vakıfbank for OTS (School Collection System)

  • Identity Card of the person making the transaction.

Income Documents Requested by Halkbank for Credit Card Limit Allocation​

For Public/Private Sector salary c​ustomers who receive salary through Halkbank;

  • Identity Card,  SSI Statement (E-Government)

For Non-Salary Customers of Our Bank;​

  • If Public Employee: E-Payroll Statement from E-Government, Institution ID
  • For the Private Sector: Wet signed and stamped payroll from the workplace, SSI​ Service Statement
  • If Retired: Retirement Monthly Information with Barcode from E-Government

For our Business Owner or Company Partner Customers;

  • Tax plate (Must include tax base for the last 2 years),
  • Income Statements and Trial Balance, if the Company Partner, Commercial Registry Gazette