Career Center

Career Center


The primary purpose of Haliç University Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations is to create awareness of career planning for students and alumni. In the process of creating this awareness, our unit works to provide the necessary qualifications by constantly interacting with the business world to overcome the difficulties that our students will encounter while being prepared for business life.

Our unit both offers counselling services to students and alumni on planning their careers, and supports them in discovering, defining themselves and communicating with the business life in order to be integrated and pioneer in the new economic age where everything is changing rapidly.​

​​​To prepare students and alumni for a delighted and successful career with the activities of the Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations;

  • Setting goals and planning for the future through career counseling
  • Recognising themselves through professional orientation and personality tests
  • Increasing their prospect of being called for an interview with the support of CV preparation
  • Improving network via LinkedIn account control and suggestion service
  • Being prepared for job/internship meetings with interview simulations
  • Priority applications with published job and internship announcements
  • Meeting with the human resources department of the institutions at Career Days
  • Learning from each other's experiences through “Alumni-Mentor” programs
  • Getting support for the English via the Language Help Desk Team
  • Creating a digital footprint with online consultancy, opening a personal website​
  • Finding role models by publishing career story videos, career conversations and monthly career post and catching tips about career planning
  • Getting to know business life closely and communicating with contacts at the sectoral meetings arranged to spesifical structures of departments
  • Improving their experiences through applied workshops and many other projects is provided.​​

If you are a student or graduate of Haliç University, you can contact us at and extension number 1481 for Training and Career Planning support.