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Privacy Policy


In this statement, significant points have been stated about the Haliç University Privacy Statement. This statement and the entire privacy statement is valid for Haliç University Websites and services that link or display this statement. This site is protected by the Turkish Commercial Code, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and all relevant legislation provisions. For this reason, our site name cannot be used by anybody in written or electronic media without permission, by changing, imitating and/or in any identical way. Within this scope, if it is determined to be used by any person and/or organization, we reserve all kinds of legal rights about person and/or organization in question.  

The main page of Haliç University Website, all articles and all kinds of materials (logo, graphic, sound, shape and images, photographs, etc.) published on all web pages and micro sites are the property of Haliç University and are protected by copyright, cannot be partially or completely quoted or used without permission. The copy and reproduction and/or the commercial use of Haliç University's partial or complete website pages is definitely prohibited.

Statements About Site Content

  • There may be content related or typographical errors in the information available on our site.
  • The subjects and information in our site can always be changed, updated or removed completely without warning or notifying visitors.
  • No responsibility is accepted for any negativity or possible harm that may arise from the content, use, product or provided service of a site that has been accessed by means of our site and its links.
  • Our site is by no means responsible of any damage (loss of profit, program or data loss, loss of job, virus infection on computer, etc.) that a user may encounter through our site or a site that may be accessed through our site, as stated above.

Copyright Infringement

Notify us about the copyright infringements of Haliç University websites.

Address: Haliç University, 5. Levent Mh., 15 Temmuz Şehitler Cd., No: 14/12 34060 Eyüpsultan/ISTANBUL 


Phone: +90 (212) 924 24 44  -  444 2 542

Claims related to a copyright infringement should include:

  • Wet or electronic signature
  • Identification of the infringed work
  • Specification of the infringed material
  • Contact information of the complainant, e.g. address, phone number, e-mail address;
  • The complainant's statement "regarding the use of unauthorized material although not authorized by the copyright owner or the law"
  • A statement that the information contained in this statement is correct and that the complainant is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Logos, Photographs and Licensed University Brands:

Logos and graphics are subject to the University's license agreements. Please c​ontact for questions and permission regarding the use of logos and graphics. If you wish to use photos or images, you may contact the Marketing and Corporate Communication unit via

Regarding Requests to Add/Update Pages on Haliç University Websites:

You can send an email to to contribute to Haliç University web pages.

The information published on the Haliç University Websites is subject to the decisions of the Haliç University Board of Trustees with regard to their Regulations and Guidelines. Haliç University gives ultimate attention to accurately present information and cannot be held responsible for possible publication errors.

The responsibility of the content on personal web pages rests entirely with the author/authors. Haliç University accepts no responsibility regarding the opinions expressed by students and faculty members on their personal pages, and does not directly or indirectly endorse the statements and opinions contained in the information published by such third parties. Haliç University does not impose any restrictions other than local laws, privacy rules and laws prohibiting offensive material. Haliç University accepts no responsibility for the content of its personal web pages.

If you wish to provide any feedback or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can share it with Haliç University will take the necessary steps to meet these demands.

Each visitor who visits the Haliç University website is deemed to have read and accepted all these terms.