Career Counseltancy

Career Counseltancy
  • ​​​​​​​Who is a Career Counselor?​

​It is the person who supports counselee to determine their goals in business life and what they want to do and why. The expectations and goals of the counselee and possible career paths are discussed for them.

Dear Students and Graduates,​

You can use the appointment system to get "Career Counseling" service from the Career Center. Career Counseling is carried out at our university's 5th ​Levent Campus "Career Center" of​fice.

Career Counseling sessions are 60 minutes. These sessions include some or all of the following items:

  • To support counselee in goal setting and priority management
  • Facilitate counselee's decision on career and career alternatives.
  • Examining counselee's Occupational Orientation Test and Personality Test results
  • Guiding counselee on the development of job/internship search and finding skills

Note: All Career Center services are free of charge.