Psychological Consultancy Unit

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Psychological Consultancy Unit

Individuals may notice that in some periods of their lives, they cannot functionally maintain their daily lives and relationships, often experience similar problems, and feel emotionally unwell. At such times, they may have difficulty in understanding and resolving the source of their problems alone. The purpose of the therapy process is to enable the individual to know himself, to analyze his / her difficulties in the past and the present and to facilitate his life in the spiritual field.

Our university has a Psychological Consultancy Unit that our students and staff can apply for when they need it. In the beginning, the sessions are organized in once a week. Later, the therapy can be changed to twice a week or fortnightly depending on the need.

Privacy is one of the basic principles of this unit. What is spoken during the therapies remains between the psychologist and the client. The families of the clients and university staffs are not informed of it.

Students who want to benefit from this service can communicate via email and schedule an appointment to attend the sessions. Your email is replied in accordance with the appointment program.