Duties and Responsibilities

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Duties and Responsibilities
  • ​Preparing the strategic plan.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the process of accomplishing the goals of strategic plan and annual performance.
  • Gathering and evaluating the data regarding budget execution. 
  • Monitoring the process of Strategic Plan and Action Plan. 
  • Comparing the application results with goals and purposes. 
  • Submitting the evaluation report to the senior management. 
  • Developing solutions for restrictions and unsatisfied performance goals. 
  • Conducting necessary analyses with action plan executives and reflecting them to the program.​

Strategy Development Department operates under the following functions:

a) Strategic Management and Planning

1) Determining mission

2) Setting corporate and individual goals

3) Data analysis

4) Developing performance and quality standards

b) Performance Evaluation and Development

1) Gathering the data and information regarding the performance and development of the administration's management and service.

2) Evaluating the extent to which the administration's and/or units meet the determined performance and quality standards and submitting these analyses to the senior management.

c) Management Information System

1) Carrying out services regarding management information systems in cooperation with the relevant units (if any).

2) Checking statistical records and conducting necessary operations.