The Applied Education and Internship Coordinatorship regulates the internship/applied course/vocational training practices of the departments/programs whose main purpose is education and training in the field of health in the fall and spring semesters on the dates specified in the academic calendar, and the summer internship procedures and principles of different undergraduate departments and associate degree programs.

Applied Education and Internship Coordinatorship, by contributing to the applied education/vocational training and internships of our students studying in the field of health in addition to the theoretical knowledge they have received in different undergraduate departments and associate degree programs, aims to help our students gain knowledge, skills, behavior, and teamwork habits, gain experience in the transition to business life, and improve themselves by putting their theoretical education into practice in a real business environment.

The Applied Education and Internship Coordinatorship makes the necessary effort to carry out applied education and internships in an effective, healthy, and high-quality manner. In this context, some of the duties of our coordinator are as follows;

  1. To support and coordinate the academic units in the consistent, effective, and fast execution of applied education and internship procedures,
  2. To make quota requests to institutions for applied education and internships,
  3. To work in coordination with the units for the distribution of students to the determined quotas,
  4. To create forms related to applied education and internship, and publish them on the university website,
  5. To prepare applied education/internship agreements between the workplaces and the University and supporting their execution, making correspondence,
  6. To receive applied education and internship applications outside the scope of the protocol and to check the application documents, to guide the student for corrections when necessary,
  7. To direct the applied education and internship application to the relevant academic units for approval,
  8. To carry out SSI and other official procedures of the approved application,
  9. To support students who undergo applied education and internship,
  10. To receive applications for cancellation of applied education and internship periods and to carry out their procedures together with the relevant academic units.