Our University


Administrative Units

General Secretary
Dinçer Garip D. General Secretary E-Mail: dincergarip@halic.edu.tr

Department of Human Resources

Department Head

Tuğba Türköz Erkan                                 E-mail: tugbaerkan@halic.edu.tr

Ercan Cihangiroğlu HR Manager E-mail: ercancihangiroglu@halic.edu.tr
Nurten Furuncu Payroll and Per. Affairs Man. E-mail: nurtenfuruncu@halic.edu.tr
Fatma Gönen Karasakal Human Res. Spec. E-mail: fatmagonen@halic.edu.tr
Asena Nardemir Human Res. Spec. Assist. E-mail: asenanardemir@halic.edu.tr
Hilal Sultan Ak Spec. Assist. E-mail: hilalak@halic.edu.tr
Zeynep İnel Özkiper Acd. Pers. Scr. Off. E-mail: zeynepinel@halic.edu.tr


Continue organizational structures in order to create new areas where our existing resources can be used and developed to their full potential in line with the mission of our university.


Gain new values in terms of human resources and become a pioneering university in terms of human resources in line with the vision of our university.


Department of Corporate Communication

Department Head

Filiz Dağ E-mail: filizdag@halic.edu.tr

Göknur Topçu Corporate Communication Manager E-mail: goknurtopcu@halic.edu.tr

Feyza Atay University Cooperations Director E-mail: goknurtopcu@halic.edu.tr

Publicity Directorate

Sezai Artar Director E-mail: sezaiartar@halic.edu.tr
İhsan Hekimoğlu Publicity Spec. E-mail: ihsanhekimoglu@halic.edu.tr
Serhat Gürbüzer            Publicity Spec.          E-mail: serhatgurbuzer@halic.edu.tr
Burcu Demirci Publicity Staff E-mail: burcudemirci@halic.edu.tr

Graphic - Visual Media Unit

Ogün Demir Visual Media Unit Supervisor E-mail: ogundemir@halic.edu.tr
Sertaç Aydın                        Visual Media Spec.  E-mail: sertacaydin@halic.edu.tr
Görkem İstikam Visual Media Spec. Assist. E-mail: gorkemistikam@halic.edu.tr
Merve Saygı  Visual Media Design Spec. E-mail: mervesaygi@halic.edu.tr
Nilay Deniz Visual Media Design Spec. E-mail: nilaydeniz@halic.edu.tr
Seda Tatar Visual Media Design Spec. E-mail: sedatatar@halic.edu.tr
Yelda Nur Tav Graphic Design Spec. Assist. E-mail: yeldanurtav@halic.edu.tr

Web Content Unit

Ferhat Alpar Web Content Unit Supervisor E-mail: ferhatalpar@halic.edu.tr
Kemal Onur Yazıcı Web Content Editor E-mail: kemalonuryazici@halic.edu.tr

Call Center Unit

Gökhan Yurdakul Call Center Repr. E-mail: gokhanyurdakul@halic.edu.tr



  • Conduct communicational activities that ensure the continuity of our university’s corporate culture, 
  • Supervise our university’s reputation management in both national and international sense, 
  • Carry out activities for the recognition of our university in events regarding science, culture, art, technology, and sports, 
  • Execute the activities in an innovative way that corresponds with the developments in the field while prioritizing public interest and responsibility, 
  • Provide continuous communication with the alumni regarding Corporate Identity, Heritage and Culture, 
  • Abide by the motto of our university: “All-In-One Campus Concept” 


As the Department of Corporate Communication, our vision is to supervise Haliç University’s general strategies (mainly the public relations and media) on behalf of the university, conduct communicational activities in coordination with all units of the institution, reach national and international recognition, inspect communicational activities and prepare reports thereof. 

Department of Information Technologies

Department Head

Birol Çelik                                          E-mail: birolcelik@halic.edu.tr

System and Network Directorate

Murat Demirci System Specialist E-mail: muratdemirci@halic.edu.tr
Emre Özyürek Cyber Security Spec. E-mail: emreozyurek@halic.edu.tr
Halil Yıldız Network Spec. E-mail: halilyildiz@halic.edu.tr
Gökcan Şoroğlu Network Support Spec. E-mail: gokcansoroglu@halic.edu.tr

Software and Software Support Directorate

Necati Erlus Software Manager E-mail: necatierlus@halic.edu.tr
Naim Atalar Software Manager Assist. E-mail: naimatalar@halic.edu.tr
Elif Pirgaip Software Specialist E-mail: elifpirgaip@halic.edu.tr
Mustafa Ekinci Software Specialist E-mail: mustafaekinci@halic.edu.tr
Faruk Öz Software Specialist E-mail: farukoz@halic.edu.tr
Fatih Çırak Software Support Specialist E-mail: fatihcirak@halic.edu.tr
Mehtap Kirman ERP Specialist    E-mail: mehtapkirman@halic.edu.tr

IT Support Directorate

Burak Albaz Director E-mail: burakalbaz@halic.edu.tr
Ahmet Fatih Karakuş Vice Director E-mail: fatihkarakus@halic.edu.tr
Selçuk Kurt Light, Audio-Visual Sys. Spec. E-mail: selcukkurt@halic.edu.tr
Rıdvan Ulupınar Equipment and Tech. Serv. E-mail: ridvanulupinar@halic.edu.tr
Gökhan Kaymaz Equipment and Tech. Serv. E-mail: gokhankaymaz@halic.edu.tr
Mehmet Sait Karaçin Tech. Supp. Pers. E-mail: mehmetsaitkaracin@halic.edu.tr
Kamer Çelik Tech. Supp. Pers. E-mail: kamercelik@halic.edu.tr


Our mission is to become a national model first and then a worldwide model in terms of the information technologies support for to education, training and research activities carried out in universities.


Our vision is to build the sub and superstructures the members of our university need in order to present integrated information sources and benefit from advancing information technologies at the highest level possible; and to become an information technologies department that is always a pioneer at the national level, "the first department to comes to mind and an exemplary department" that possesses international recognition, is highly competitive, always trusted, easily consulted, and has completed its corporate structure and corporation consciousness. 


Department of Financial Affairs

Department Head

Dinçer Garip E-mail: dincergarip@halic.edu.tr

Financial Affairs Unit

Nurhan Demirkol Director of Finance E-mail: nurhandemirkol@halic.edu.tr
Gülşah Fıçıcıoğlu Gölcü Financial Supervisor E-mail: gulsahficicioglu@halic.edu.tr
Gülşah Aytürk Specialist E-mail: gulsahayturk@halic.edu.tr
Rukiye Bircan Speciailst E-mail: rukiyebircan@halic.edu.tr

Student Accounting Unit  (ogrencimuhasebesi@halic.edu.tr)

Ali Aktürk Director of Student Accounting E-mail: aliakturk@halic.edu.tr
Sedef Aktürk Solution Center Supr. E-mail: sedefakturk@halic.edu.tr
Elif Elüstün Student Acc. Spec. E-mail: elifelustun@halic.edu.tr
Gözde Özel Student Acc. Spec. E-mail: gozdeozel@halic.edu.tr
Yasin Keklik Student Acc. Ass. Spec. E-mail: yasinkeklik@halic.edu.tr


Provide the necessary support, produce high-quality services based on accurate information and respond to the needs of the Rectorate and the affiliated departments of our university in order for them to carry out their services in the best way. Ensure that all stakeholders get to the information quickly by using the technology efficiently, and provide fast, high-quality and reliable service in financial transactions.


Use resources effectively, efficiently, and responsibly while conducting accounting and financial operations, present a participatory, ethical behavior understanding, and build a reliable corporate structure with competent staff in this field.

Department of Purchasing
Behiye Gülhan Deputy Head of Department E-mail: behiyegulhan@halic.edu.tr

Aykut Çeçen            Purchasing Specialist  E-mail: aykutcecen@halic.edu.tr
Selda Sümer Çekinmez Purchasing Specialist  E-mail: seldacekinmez@halic.edu.tr
Mustafa Yeşilöz Purchasing Specialist  E-mail: mustafayesiloz@halic.edu.tr
Burak Nişancı Purchasing Staff E-mail: buraknisanci@halic.edu.tr


Ensure management, transparency, equal treatment, free competition, reliability, confidentiality, accountability and quality in accordance with the provisions of the legislation we are subject to and use our existing resources in the most efficient way.


Be a purchasing and supplier management unit with a proactive approach with its employees of the high level of expertise, where best practices are used at the global and sectoral levels.

The Values of Our Directorate;

  • Reliability
  • Participation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Social utility
  • Universality
  • Transparency, service and quality approach.


Department of Security and Support Services

Department Head

Halil İbrahim TELATAR E-mail:ibrahimtelatar@halic.edu.tr

Administrative Affairs Unit| idariisler@halic.edu.tr

Çetin Unut Manager E-mail: cetinunut@halic.edu.tr
Murat KUBLAY Manager Assist. E-mail: muratkublay@halic.edu.tr
N.Maksut SARI Administrative Aff. Supr. E-mail: nurolmaksutsari@halic.edu.tr
İsmail YAZICI Administrative Aff. Supr. E-mail: ismailyazici@halic.edu.tr
Mücahit DEMÜR Gardener E-mail:mucahitdemur@halic.edu.tr
Cenan İmrak Gardener E-mail: cenanimrak@halic.edu.tr
Resul GÖNEN Gardener E-mail: resulgonen@halic.edu.tr
Burhan GENÇ Gardener E-mail: burhangenc@halic.edu.tr

Security Services | guvenlik@halic.edu.tr

Transport Services Unit | ulasim@halic.edu.tr

Rıdvan YAPICI Transportation Manager E-mail: ridvanyapici@halic.edu.tr
Nurettin AYDIN Transportation Staff E-mail: nurettinaydin@halic.edu.tr
Cihan AKYOLLU Transportation Staff E-mail: cihanakyollu@halic.edu.tr
Mithat ÇIRPAN Transportation Staff E-mail: mithatcirpan@halic.edu.tr
Fatih ENER Transportation Staff E-mail: fatihener@halic.edu.tr
Berkan IŞIK Transportation Staff E-mail: berkanisik@halic.edu.tr
Satı YOL Valet E-mail: satiyol@halic.edu.tr

Communication Services | muhaberat@halic.edu.tr

Osman MACİT Communications Staff E-mail:osmanmacit@halic.edu.tr
Kadir ŞAŞMAZ Communications Staff E-mail:kadirsasmaz@halic.edu.tr
Cengiz KARADAĞ Communications Staff E-mail:cengizkaradag@halic.edu.tr
Eren Kadir METİN Communications Staff E-mail:erenkadirmetin@halic.edu.tr

Print Center Services | baski@halic.edu.tr

Cüneyt KALA Print Center Staff E-mail:cuneytkala@halic.edu.tr
Mahmut ÇIRAK Print Center Staff E-mail:mahmutcirak@halic.edu.tr

Support Services Directorate | destekhizmetleri@halic.edu.tr

Saadet ALBAYRAK Manager E-mail:saadetalbayrak@halic.edu.tr
Ozan ÇAVDAR Support Ser. Man. Assist. E-mail:ozancavdar@halic.edu.tr
Deste KAFATUTAR Chief E-mail:destekafatutar@halic.edu.tr

Cleaning Services| temizlik@halic.edu.tr

Warehouse and Stock Unit | depostokyonetimi@halic.edu.tr

Erol ÖRMEN Manager E-mail:erolormen@halic.edu.tr
Alaattin DALGIÇ Manager Assist. E-mail:alaattindalgic@halic.edu.tr
Yunus TOPTAŞ Warehouse and Stock Personnel E-mail:yunustoptas@halic.edu.tr
Kadir ARSLAN Warehouse and Stock Personnel E-mail:kadirarslan@halic.edu.tr
Fahrettin ERTAŞ Warehouse and Stock Personnel E-mail:fahrettinertas@halic.edu.tr
Yunus Emre KAYMAK Warehouse and Stock Personnel E-mail:yunusemrekaymak@halic.edu.tr


Conduct operations of security, cleaning, administration, transportation, warehouse and inventory management with our units in an efficient and transparent way in order to ensure the satisfaction of our students and our academic and administrative staff.


Be in coordination with the security and support services department, complete the given tasks on time by prioritizing the interests of our university, provide services with accuracy, authenticity, fairness and principles while utilizing technological developments, work in coordination with the other departments at our university, and provide the highest quality service to the Departments in order for them to perform at the highest level possible.


Department of Student Affairs

Department Head

Yunus Ali Erol                                             E-mail: yunusalierol@halic.edu.tr

Admission and Registration Unit

Sevinç Mısırlı Admission Specialist E-mail: sevincmisirli@halic.edu.tr
Ayşe Yeşil Özarabacı Admission Specialist E-mail: ayseyesil@halic.edu.tr
Sinem Nazmiye  Atay Admission Asst. Spec. E-mail: sinematay@halic.edu.tr

 Academic Affairs Unit

Burak Saygı Academic Affairs Mng. E-mail: buraksaygi@halic.edu.tr
Tuğba Doğan Academic Affairs Spec. E-mail: tugbadogan@halic.edu.tr
Fatih Çınaroğlu Academic Affairs Spec. E-mail: fatihcinaroglu@halic.edu.tr

 Planning Unit


  • Manage existing data correctly and convert it to output
  • Be a driving force in the implementation and development of regulations and guidelines
  • Perform maximum accurate operation in minimum time
  • Use the powers and responsibilities competently
  • Adopt coordinated and effective working methods


  • Be innovative
  • Be Open and Approachable
  • Create a bridge between the student and all stakeholders


Department of Construction and Technical Works

Department Head

Erkan Türkseven E-mail: erkanturkseven@halic.edu.tr

Hatice Nevin Astürk Const. Ass. Manager E-mail: haticenevinastürk@halic.edu.tr
Eylül Tuncay Interior Designer E-mail: eylultuncay@halic.edu.tr
Mehmet Suphi Uz Electrical Engineer E-mail: mehmetsuphiuz@halic.edu.tr
Fazıl Çolakerol Electrician E-mail: fazilcolakerol@halic.edu.tr
Devrim Şahin Electrician E-mail: devrimsahin@halic.edu.tr
Ali Ceylan Mechanician E-mail: aliceylan@halic.edu.tr
Zeki Alişan Mechanician E-mail: zekialisan@halic.edu.tr
İslam Oğuzhan Diler Mechanician E-mail: islamoguzhandiler@halic.edu.tr
Recep Özbakır Elevator Technician E-mail: recepozbakir@halic.edu.tr
Mustafa Bozkurt Pool Maintenance Staff E-mail: mustafabozkurt@halic.edu.tr
Emine Melis Yavuztürk Mechanical Engineer E-mail: eminemelisyavuzturk@halic.edu.tr
Abdilcabbar Kızıltaş Maintenance and Repair Person E-mail: abdilcabbarkiziltas@halic.edu.tr
Sinan Demir Maintenance and Repair Person E-mail: sinandemir@halic.edu.tr


Our mission is to provide all necessary construction, facilities, repairs, manufacture, maintenence, research, project, discovery, tender and inspection services for our university to operate now and in the future, find solutions for the problems that occur under our supervision in the quickest way possible, create innovative and modern facilities, and provide all relevant technical services.


Our vision is to assess the developments in the world in the most efficient way, increase productivity and social services in line with our university's objectives and principles, procure all construction, sub-structure, technology, comfort, aesthetic, equipment and technical support requirements, and provide modern structural services.

Department of Library and Documentation

Department Head

Yazgı Cihangir Aygün                                          E-mail: yazgicihangiraygun@halic.edu.tr

Sakine Kalaycı  Senior Specialist E-mail: sakinekalayci@halic.edu.tr
Neslihan Erdoğan Archive Specialist E-mail: neslihanerdogan@halic.edu.tr
Dilara Yüksek Library Ass. Specialist E-mail: dilarayuksek@halic.edu.tr
Beyza Nas Library Ass. Specialist E-mail: beyzanas@halic.edu.tr
Nur Cebeci Library Ass. Specialist E-mail: nurcebeci@halic.edu.tr
Tülay Aytemiz Library Ass. Specialist E-mail: tulayaytemiz@halic.edu.tr
Emrah Düzcü Librarian E-mail: emrahduzcu@halic.edu.tr
Fatma Kabaca Service Staff E-mail: fatmakabaca@halic.edu.tr


Support the University's education, research and social activities, provide all the information needs, comply with the international standards and the modern and universal norms, present all sources that provide quality, innovative and user-oriented approach, and provide users with a modern library service that support lifelong learning activities.


Be in accordance with the learning requirement of the future, possess conditions suitable to all kinds of physical facilities and modern technology, produce high-quality information services, become a pioneer among academic libraries at the national and regional levels, thrive in terms of quality/quantity, and be a leading and a rich library.


Department of International Relations

Department Head

Ahmet Aydın                                                 E-mail: ahmetaydin@halic.edu.tr

Müzeyyen Seda Sevinçler Department Executive E-mail: sedasevincler@halic.edu.tr

International Promotion Coordinator

Zişan Baş Specialist E-mail: zisanbas@halic.edu.tr
Elif Hümeyra Kubilay Specialist E-mail: elifhumeyrakubilay@halic.edu.tr
Asma Borji Asst. Specialist E-mail: asmaborji@halic.edu.tr

ERASMUS and Exchange Programs Coordinatorship

Lala Chobanoghlu Department Executive E-mail: lalachobanoglu@halic.edu.tr
İrem Nur Mıhcı Asst. Specialist E-mail: iremnurmihci@halic.edu.tr
Adnan Dengiz Asst. Specialist E-mail: adnandengiz@halic.edu.tr


Shape the entire higher education journey of international students to reflect their personal development, and achieve this by creating an intercultural and formative environment that allows students to constantly develop while feeling at home in their new destination.


Turn into a university consisting of various international students who know very well where they are, trust their decisions and adapt easily to their new environment through us. In doing so, it is necessary to reveal our added value in the process of internationalization of both our university and our country.


Department of Health, Culture and Sports

D. Department Head

Yusuf Kıvanç Egeaka                  E-mail: kivancegeaka@halic.edu.tr

Abdullah Yıldız                 Health Manager E-mail: abdullahyildiz@halic.edu.tr
Mustafa Özdemir Culture Manager E-mail: mustafaozdemir@halic.edu.tr
Münevver Sevindik Aslan Nurse E-mail: munevversevindik@halic.edu.tr
Sadiye Şentürk Çavuş Nurse E-mail: sadiyesenturkcavus@halic.edu.tr
Yılmaz Eren Seyhan Psychologist E-mail: yilmazerenseyhan@halic.edu.tr
Bilge Cengiz Psychologist E-mail: bilgecengiz@halic.edu.tr
Yücel Yazıcı Specialist E-mail: yucelyazici@halic.edu.tr


Protect the physical and mental health of our students and staff, and evaluate their free time according to nutrition, housing, work, rest and interests. Meet health, social, cultural, counseling and guidance and sports needs in a way that increases efficiency, quality and satisfaction by enabling new interests to be gained.


Provide all new and modern information technologies for the use of our students and staff in accordance with the needs and goals of our university for health, culture, sports, nutrition, housing, etc., and maximize the preferability of our university by improving the quality of service in those fields.

Directorate of Health


Provide the appropriate environment and conditions for our students and staff in order to protect their physical and mental health, mitigate the accidents, injuries, and mishaps that may occur on campus, and adapt the environment in order to eliminate all faults and to meet all needs.


Provide appropriate health and counseling services based on the health and satisfaction of our students and staff in line with the goals and objectives of our university.

Directorate of Culture


Look out for universal cultural values by taking the entirety of external participants participating in organized activities and particularly our students and staff, and organize cultural and social activities in the national culture and multiculturalism fields such as history, arts, sports and literature for the participants to gain experience, have fun and expand their networks.


Keep up with the current world, catch up with future trends, produce innovative studies, develop national and international organizations, especially corporate ones, and make our audience the most equipped in accordance with the general strategies of our university.

Directorate of Sports


Protect the physical and mental health of our students and staff with sports activities, make them useful individuals for the society, be a pioneering unit that provides satisfaction of students and employees by meeting their sports needs.


Be a leading unit in all fields of sports services, use our resources efficiently and effectively for our students and staff, increase the quality of life of our students and staff with sports activities, and support them with information and technology.


Department of Strategy and Development

Department Head

Prof. Müge Demir E-mail: mugedemir@halic.edu.tr

Merve Anıl Specialist E-mail: merveanil@halic.edu.tr
Meryem Büşra Yıldıztaşı Adıgüzel Arş.Gör. E-mail: busrayildiztasi@halic.edu.tr
İlknur Turna Turquality - Specialist E-mail: ilknurturna@halic.edu.tr


Ensure the development of performance and quality criteria at our university which has adopted a universal model of education and training, carry out strategic planning studies and realize an accountable, transparent and consistent management model in accordance with the legislation.


Be a directorate that aims to fulfill the requirements at the point of meeting international standards and takes the premise of performing dynamically in all areas of strategy and quality in this direction.


Directorate of Career

Fatih Cetiz


E-mail: fatihcetiz@halic.edu.tr

Selin Doğan

Asst. Director

E-mail: selindogan@halic.edu.tr

İbrahim Çakır

Asst. Specialist

E-mail: ibrahimcakir@halic.edu.tr


Create awareness of career planning among students and graduates so they can enact their plans, overcome the challenges they face in the process passing from life to business life in college, develop their business networks, increase their opportunities for jobs or internships, and stay in constant interaction with the business world.


Follow the reports published by international institutions in the field of recruitment of students and new graduates, provide students and graduates with innovational career guidance services in order to be a leading center that is constantly developing, making a difference and will be a role model for the work of other Universities' Career Directorates in line with the vision of our university.

Directorate of System Security
Caner Küçük System Safety Director E-mail: canerkucuk@halic.edu.tr

Fatih Dağıstan Vice Director E-mail: fatihdagistan@halic.edu.tr
Hakan Demircioğlu Weak Current Spec. E-mail: hakandemircioglu@halic.edu.tr
Kerim Şener Weak Current Spec. E-mail: kerimsener@halic.edu.tr
Elanur Genç Weak Current Spec. E-mail: elanurgenc@halic.edu.tr


Search for and develop elements needed for ensuring and improving the system safety of Haliç University, come up with the right solutions by using existing products, and provide the necessary system safety measures for the buildings of our university and affiliated units against incidents such as fire, theft and sabotage in accordance with Haliç University's strategies and policies and the law numbered 5188 and regulations relevant to its practice and other relevant legal legislations.


Explain, make suggestions about and provide services of human resources, process and technology needs in order to protect and improve our university's system safety levels, reflect technology-equipped, modern and scientific developments to our operations carried out by our expert and innovative staff trained for all cyber security measures, prioritize the public's and the institution's interests at all times, provide the highest level of cyber and system security of our students, staff and visitors, offer services with responsibility, reality, participation and fairness principles, be a directorate that is respected by everyone at our university and an exemplary for other universities.

Directorate of Records and Communications

Songül DİREK

Chief D. Clerk E-mail: songuldirek@halic.edu.tr

Nurcan AY ÇATALKAYA Clerk Supervisor E-mail: nurcancatalkaya@halic.edu.tr
Gülseren DEMİREL Clerk Specialist E-mail: gulserendemirel@halic.edu.tr


Ensure the economical use of university resources and coordination with university departments by carrying our all kinds of paperwork of our university in a timely manner in accordance with laws, bylaws and regulations.


Be reliable and accountable and master the information and technology fields based on efficiency, continuity and compliance in the service. 

Directorate of Distance Education

Güliz Alkım Güneş    Distance Education Coordinator E-mail: gulizgunes@halic.edu.tr

Sevde Soral   Distance Edu. Spec. E-mail: sevdesoral@halic.edu.tr
Zeynep Turan Katırcı Distance Edu. Spec. E-mail: zeynepkatirci@halic.edu.tr


Support the formal education courses with educational technologies at our university, and ensure that educational technologies are accessible to our academicians and students.


Increase the accessibility of our university to educational technology in distance education, improve educational technology opportunities of our university in line with the current needs, develop distance education programs that cater for today's demands and needs with our academic units, and determine and present distance education methods and technologies most compatible with these programs.


Internship Coordination Unit
Kenan Yıldırım Internship Coord. Officer E-mail: kenanyildirim@halic.edu.tr
Sabri Yenen Internship Coord. Officer E-mail: sabriyenen@halic.edu.tr


Our mission is to ensure that students studying (theoretical and laboratory) in the field of health at our university will be able to effectively and efficiently carry out practical applications, develop their psychomotor skills, make correct and sound decisions, and utilize teamwork and patient communication.

We aim to ensure coordination between our university and public or private health institutions in order to examine individuals at all stages of life and to be able to determine deviations, to provide trainings on providing healthy life behavior to society and to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes about management activities.


Our vision is to help our students become better quality individuals in their future work and life, ensure the development of their professional knowledge and skills, and bring their practices to a more effective and efficient level during the education and training periods.


Continuing Education Research and Application Center
Feride Nur Ayrancı D.Manager E-mail: ferideayranci@halic.edu.tr

Meryem Ece Ercan Assistant Specialist E-mail: meryemeceercan@halic.edu.tr
Beyza Aydoğdu Assistant Specialist E-mail: beyzaaydoğdu@halic.edu.tr


Provide a competitive edge in rapidly developing and changing world, improve the level of knowledge and competence of of individuals and institutions, and provide a basis for them to gain new abilities and a lifelong education service that is qualified with both practical and theoretical perspectives.


Transfer knowledge to society as a means of lifelong learning in all areas needed in the developing and changing world conditions with appropriate and equipped programs for all groups, contribute to the education of the workforce and support scientific approaches.


Development Center

Director of Development Center

Reyhan Büyükçolpan                               E-mail: reyhanbuyukcolpan@halic.edu.tr


Make the most accurate guidance in order to contribute to the professional development of graduate student candidates.  Be in constant cooperation with official and private institutions for the purpose of education.


Aim to benefit the society as individuals who see the future in creativity, innovation and knowledge with our strong, effective and high-quality education programs for graduate student candidates who are guided by our cooperation with both individuals and institutions.