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Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Directorate

Haliç University Foreign Languages and English Preparatory Directorate is affiliated to the Rector's Office in the organizational chart and consists of two types of programs, namely English Preparatory Program courses and undergraduate English courses provided to various faculties and colleges. In the departments where the medium of instruction is English; students are admitted to the English Preparatory Program if they cannot prove their English proficiency.  

These departments are:

  • American Culture and Literature ( English)
  • English Translation and Interpreting ( English)
  • Molecular Biology  and  Genetics ( English)
  • Psychology ( English)
  • Management Information Systems ( English)
  • Business Administration (English)
  • International Trade and Business ( English)
  • Computer Engineering ( English)
  • Electrical Electronic Engineering ( English)
  • Industrial Engineering ( English)
  • Mechanical Engineering ( English)
  • Software Engineering ( English)
  • Sports Management ( English)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics ( English)
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation ( English )
  • Nursing ( English )

Students from other departments can optionally study in the English Preparatory Program. Students enrolled in the English Preparatory Program can study some modules at the language schools abroad, within the framework of the opportunities provided by our university.

The Mission of the English Preparatory Program

The principal mission of the Haliç University – Directorate of Foreign Languages and English Preparatory Program is to handle or delegate the necessary administrative and academic works, and the related correspondence for the Program, to coordinate the preparations and conduct of the Proficiency Exam for the students registering at the beginning of each semester, and to design and successfully maintain the necessary education for the students to complete the academic term at the English Preparatory Program. In accordance, another mission of ours is to help you, our students, gain the necessary academic and English language skills which you will need in order to graduate from your major at Haliç University and to further step into an effective career.

  • We are fulfilling the above missions of the English Preperatory Programme relying on the goals and principles stated below:
  • We  support  the  new students  of  Halic University  to participate  the university life.
  • We apply a specific English Language Teaching program which will helpstudents to improve themself in their academic life andin their future career.
  • We use Modular System in order to improve our students academic development.
  • In Academic English Language Teaching ; different methods and skıllswhich will be very useful in their departments , are also used,like; Note-taking , presentation, academicresearch,writingartıcles, summarizıng documents, reading graphics etc…
  • We help our students to make research individually or in groups; to evaluate their personal abilities,to improvelistening skillsand critical thinking .
  • In our classes, high technologySmart Boardsandsurroundsoundsystemsare used in order to develop the student participation in lectures.
  • We supportstudents Languageskillsdevelopment, by leading with new teaching and evaluationmethods , responsibility oflearningand life long learning.
  • For a dynamic Language Teaching program;we also supportandfollow our Lecturers career developments.
  • Our aim is to contributethesuccess andprestige ofHaliçUniversityin national andinternationalareas.
  • Students who are recently enrolled start the English Preperatory Programme after taking the Level Assessment exam if they can not prove their proficiency in English or if they fail the English Proficiency Exam.



At Haliç University Preperatory Programme, weekly course hour is totally 24  including 16 hours Main Course and 8 hours Four Skills. The teaching programme involves developing four basic skills namely Reading, writing, Listening and Speaking along with teaching vocabulary and grammar . Besides these courses, we provide tutorial programmes for students who want to develop themselves further .

Modular System

  • English Preparatory Program consists of  4 modules  which have 7-8 weeks education period (duration).
  • Skılls targeted  for each module are as follows ;

A1 ( Beginner)

  • At this level ; students have the ability to understand simple phrases used in daily life and to define himself and the others in simple structures.

A2 ( Elementary)

  • At this level ; students have the ability to understand basic sentence structure with  simple phrases used in daily life ; like simple dialogues related with family and himself (if it is spoken clearly and not with a fast level of English) Furthermore they get the ability of using the language in shopping, travelling and  getting the knowledge they need in normal lıfe with a sense of using simple terminology about himself and the people around.

B1 ( Intermediate)

At this level of English language, students are able to understand and follow the ordinary topics they come across in their daily or academic lives through their main lines clearly. In the event of a travel to regions where the English language is spoken, they can comprehend the language mostly and can communicate when necessary in various situations. Besides, they acquire the skills of managing interrelated conversations, and explaining experiences and incidents in their related cause-effect frames.

B2 ( Upper Intermediate)

At this level of English language, students are able to comprehend the main ideas presented in the texts which include concrete and abstract concepts from their professional/vocational fields. They, additionally, acquire the skills of managing conversations with native English speakers fluently and smoothly without any prior preparation, and expressing their opinions clearly and smoothly in various subjects both in verbal and written ways.  

C (Advanced)

This level is a transition to faculty programs. This level does not only focus on language skills and competence, it also combines these skills and competences with the academic needs of students at the university. At this level, students develop their reading skills, discussion skills, reading and listening to long academic texts and note taking skills. Our students are expected to choose a specific subject, evaluate their chosen subject, and improve themselves on topics such as using resources to write academic papers. At this level, you are expected to read story books that are suitable for your level determined by the lecturers. Also, at the end of the course, your knowledge and skills will be evaluated with the Course Completion Exam (KB).


In order to complete a module successfully, students should get at least 60 out of 100 on the average . The assessment system is as follows:

Weekly Assessment Tests : 10 %

Midterm  : 20 %

Writing Tasks  : 10%                                       

Speaking Tasks       : 10 %

 Online Homework  : 10 %

Classroom Participation (MC+FS) : 5 %

End of Module     : 35 %

Overall                : 100 %

In order to take the English Proficiency Exam to be held in June, it is necessary to complete the B2 level successfully. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the student reserves the right to take the English Proficiency Exam to be held in September.

A student may take the same level only two (2) times, after which s/he may not attend classes as an active student during that course program, but may continue his/her education with external participation and support from the lecturers. Students who repeat the same level 2 times are considered successful at that level if they are successful in the next level’s exit exam.

In order to be considered successful in the English Proficiency Exam and to start the department, at least sixty-five (65) points must be taken from the exam. The maximum term a student can attend the English Preparatory Program is two (2) years.

Students can learn their exam results in the Announcements section at in the relevant period.

In the English Preparatory Program, students are required to attend at least 80% of the class hours during a course. Students who exceed this absenteeism limit are not admitted to the End of Module Exam; they must repeat the level.


Students can only be exempted from the English Preperatory Programme without entering the English Proficiency Exam provided that they submit some national and international foreign language exam scores which can be considered equal to the passing grade of the English Proficiency Exam. These students can submit these documents to our English Prep School and Foreign Language Directorate for the exemption process. These exam scores are valid for two years and the applications for the exemption should be made two weeks before the starting of the Fall Semester, the latest. The other accepted exams are below:


Proficiency Exam




PTE Academic

Programs carried out in english