Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration has emerged as a field of science, which has become more and more important in our globalizing world, where competition and technological developments are increasing. In our age, business enterprises should benefit from the management techniques to the utmost degree in order to use their material and human recourses effectively and efficiently.

Haliç University's Faculty of Business Administration, endeavors to give its students the skills to produce and use business theory, to make rational and correct decisions, aiming at educating confident individuals who can think transparently, can analyze and synthesize complex business models, and who can work in the international business arena with success.

The programs of the faculty, which comprise these aims and tries to transfer the concepts of contemporary management and administration to its students, pursues the goal of educating responsible individuals who can direct and administer the institutions successfully, who believe in team spirit, and who give importance to learning.

Haliç University Faculty of Business Administration aims to give priority to the relationships between the university and business life. Conferences, panels, symposiums, seminars and similar activities, which are organized in collaboration with public and private institutions, give the students the possibility to get acquainted with business life in different economic sectors. Moreover the department provides its students with internship and technical tours of facilities so that the students can easily find job opportunities after they graduate.